So this finally happened…

After months of trying to find the time after work, I’ve finally managed to get a rebuild, from scratch, of my personal website up.

One of the biggest changes is that I’ve switched from a project slideshow for my portfolio to project videos. After consideration, I realized that due to the heavy amount of animation and interaction some of my more recent, and memorable, projects have had, still images would fail to convey their functionality properly. At the end of the day, I’m not a designer, I’m a programmer, and it’s that functionality which is the crux of my work.

May add project stills sometime down the road, but for the moment, I think the videos convey the animation and the responsive nature at their best, and preserve that for future reference, regardless of changes made to the live project.

I’m further planning tidying up, formalizing, and uploading some of my offline work to GitHub, and adding a Projects section to the site where this work can be browsed more easily.

Past that, we’ll see.

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