2014 FIFA World Cup

An internal project for use in MRY’s Listerine World Cup Newsroom (as covered by The New York Times).

The backend feeds on Twitter’s Streaming API, filtering for content which has a geolocation set, and which mentions one or more of about a dozen key terms referencing the World Cup. The data is then pushed into a stack where it will slowly time out, and the stack is periodically transformed into a heightmap based on the approximate projected location of the tweet on an Equirectangular projection of the Earth.

The heatmap visualization itself simply feeds off this generated heightmap using an existing library, and is masked by a pointilist map of the world.

The game scores were provided by the ScoresPro RSS Feed, the weather data was provided by the WorldWeatherOnline API for the local region in Brazil, and the engagement data around the screen edges was provided by Percolate, which updated their stats throughout the day.